Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Happenings at OnStage Playhouse

Doing Community Theatre is an amazing experience to behold. Our last show, A Midsummer Night's Dream, led us on a romantic modern journey through one of Shakespeare's most famous play. Now, we venture into the 1930 Cleveland's opera world with Lend Me A Tenor, by Ken Ludwig!

Henry Saunders is a Cleveland opera impresario who lives by the credo, "the show must go on!" Due to a variety of errors, visiting opera star Tito Merelli is thought to be dead, and Saunders' assistant Max is thrust into the limelight. Confusion reigns when Max's fiancee, an opera society matron, and the local opera diva throw themselves at both the real and imitation Tito...all while trying to steer clear of Tito's jealous wife! What follows is a chain-reaction of confusion, impersonations, plot twists, double-entrende, and rapid door slamming that ain't over until the fat lady sings!

This cast is absolutely amazing and has many OnStage regulars gracing our stage once again. Brian P. Evans will be playing the part of the hapless gofer of the Cleveland Opera Company, Max. The role of Tito Merelli will be taken on Dave Rivas, reprising his performance from 2003. The cast is rounded out by Jeff Laurence (Saunders), Matt Warburton (Bellhop), Robin Boyington (Maggie), renee levine (Julia), Angie Doren (Diana), and the OnStage Artistic Director, Teri Brown (Maria).

The show is directed by Bob Christiansen and will run from May 08 - June 6, 2009 at Onstage Playhouse. Check out the website

Please come on down and check us out. This cast is great and the things they are able to do on this small stage is amazing!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OnStage Playhouse announces it's 2009-2010 Season!

It's that very exciting time of year where we get to announce our next season! This time around Teri Brown, our Artistic Director, has come up with a wonderful season of shows from American Playwrights, all of which are sure to be crowd pleasers! So, without further ado, I am happy to announs OnStage Playhouse's 2009-2010 season:

Classic American screwball comedy
By Moss Hart & George S. Kaufmann
Directed by Desmond Hassing
July 10 – August 01, 2009

An adult comedy with bite
By Doug Stone
Directed by Sandra Kraus
August 28 – September 19, 2009

Family-friendly comedy for all ages
By Phil Olson
Directed by Bob Christiansen
October 16 – November 07, 2009

Pulitzer-Prize winning drama
By Edward Albee
Directed by Michael Thomas Tower
February 05 – February 27, 2010

Tony Award winning musical
Book by James Lapine & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by James M. McCullock
April 02 – May 01, 2010

Stage adaptation of classic American novel
Adapted Christopher Sergel
Based on the book by Harper Lee
Directed by Daniel Zisko
June 04 – June 26, 2010

Familiar holiday music wrapped up in nostalgia
Conceived by Rock Lewis
a co-production with Such N Such Productions
Directed by Tom Fitzpatrick
December 04 - December 19, 2010

As usual we will also present a series of Staged Readings throughout the year. Please stay tuned! If you are interested in any of these shows, please visit us at our website!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream is Coming to OnStage Playhouse

This is not going to be a long post extolling the virtues of Shakespeare or anything like that. We just wanted to let everyone know that it's almost time for A Midsummer Night's Dream! Our very first Shakespeare opens March 5, 2009....LESS than a month away! This very talented cast has been very hard at work perfecting their language and really working hard to make this work.

I thought I'd post some of our publicity photos on line to whet everyone's appetite to see this show.

BTW....All photos are by Andrew Rogers who is an AMAZING photographer. Drop him an e-mail if you like what you see and need a photographer.

And because I can...a video

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A "Not Yet Dead" moment from OnStage Playhouse!

Hello all,

     So after much discussion, I have decided to take over the blog posting for OnStage Playhouse.  We have been soft in getting blog posts out to our Loyal Fans, but no more!  There is a lot of very exciting and interesting things happening right now at OSP and it's high time we celebrated.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Dan Zisko, the Managing Director here at OnStage Playhouse.  My whole job here is to make sure that we keep running smoothly and getting word of what we are doing at any time.  I am here to help you with anything you may need help with.  Have ticketing issues, contact me.  Love our shows, contact me!  Hate our show.....well, lets hope you never have that experience, but if you do, contact me.  I can be reached at

We have just completed the first half of our 2008-2009 season and what a season it has been!  "Shivaree" directed by Teri Brown was the perfect summer show and had a wonderful cast.  "Fat Pig" directed by Kym Pappas was just named one of the best shows of 2008 by the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times.  "1984" directed by James M. McCullock was one of the best critically acclaimed shows we've done!  Our season so far was amazing!

Currently running is "After-Play" by Anne Meara, directed by Steve Murdock which is an amazing dramatic comedy which asks hard questions in regards to life and death.  It is an amazing piece of theatre and is currently running through February 7.  Please, come and check out this amazing show.

Coming up next is our VERY FIRST Shakespeare, "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  This is a very stylized look at one of the most romantic plays written by the Bard.  With a cast of 17, the chance of seeing someone you know and like is very good!  We are excited about our foray into this world and promise to put on a VERY entertaining show.

Please visit us at  See you down in Chula Vista!