Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"The Graduate" opens March 9th

OnStage Playhouse is very busy preparing for this Friday's opening of "The Graduate". We've been trying for nearly two years to get the rights to perform the show and are proud to be the first west coast non-Equity production!
As Artistic Director, I act as a quality control manager of sorts. The directors and producers all "report" to me and we work together to bring a production to life. I like to sit in on rehearsals and give feedback to directors as well as provide them with possible to solutions to any issues they may have. I am also serving as co-Costumer on this show (along with Rhianna Cultrona), so I've been spending quite a bit of time around this cast and crew. With each of Dan Zisko's productions, I am always so pleased with the positive and fun environment he creates. As one of my good friends is fond of saying, "It's called a play for a reason, people!" And Dan definitely balances the work with the play.
Last night's dress rehearsal was the first with full lights, sound and costumes. The exploding door was tried out for the first time and was awesome - that's all the info you'll get from me; you have to come see the show and see it in person. Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson discovered that exact placement of bedsheets will be crucial for the infamous hotel scene - this is rated PG-13, not rated X!!! I will need to hem a few pairs of pants before tonight's show and take a trip to O'Connor's Catholic Supply Store, but other than that, the costumes are finished. Ericka Zepeda makes such an adorable stripper that the light/sound booth operators missed their cue after her initial entrance! The final show-down between Benajmin and the Robinsons in the church was great, with a slightly different ending than you may recall from the movie (see my reference above to the exploding door). When you come to the show, please also note Elaine Robinson's wedding gown - Rhianna sewed it herself in just under 24 hours. Impressive!
Oh, and speaking of impressive... after the loss of our leading man, Dan Zisko stepped into the role of Benjamin just one week ago. He has all the lines down, knows where he needs to be and at what time, and he meshed perfectly with the cast. Lisa Moctezuma, the Assistant Director, stepped up to the plate and is now Dan's eyes and ears. Hey Lisa, interested in directing a show on your own? :)
All in all, this is another outstanding production that OnStage Playhouse will be proud to present to our patrons. Call the Box Office and make your reservations today - I have a feeling this will be a popular show and sell out quickly. 619-422-RSVP (7787) or visit our website at

Coo-coo-ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson!!!

See you at the theatre!
~ Teri Brown